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Improving Cross-Cultural Competence

Cross-cultural competence refers to the capability to communicate proficiently with people from various cultural communities. Even though the actual explanation may differ, the foundation of cross-cultural competence can be a mix of knowledge, understanding, skill, and attitude (Jane Suderman, Understanding Intercultural Communication).

At the company level, cross-cultural competence refers to a set of values, concepts, behaviors, attitudes, and guidelines that make it possible for a workplace system to function effectively cross-culturally (Cross, Bazron, Dennis, & Isaacs, 1989). Generally there are a couple key points to look at in understanding cross-cultural competence: Read more »

Cross Cultural Network/Mobile Communication Issues

In the impressive list of coverage announced by Alain Yee-Loong Chong, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Network and Mobile Technologies (IJNMT), the very last topic is “Cross cultural network/mobile communication issues.” But just why would this prestigious journal feel that cross cultural communication issues are worthy of coverage?

As Chong explains, “The aim of International Journal of Network and Mobile Technologies (IJNMT) is promote, address and capture innovative and state of the art research and work in the network and mobile technologies field,” encompassing everything from businesses to entertainment.

Let’s look at this a little deeper. Read more »