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52 Activities for Improving Cross-Cultural Communication

52 Activities For Improving Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Communications

52 Activities For Improving Cross-Cultural Communications

If you are looking for specific steps you can take to improve your intercultural business communication, consider checking out 52 Activities for Improving Cross-Cultural Communication. This book specifically explores cross-cultural communication issues with an eye toward increasing cross-cultural understanding and effectiveness.

As the authors point out, “Communication styles and patterns differ vastly among people from different cultures” with every culture having their own “communication style norm.” When these specific styles mix with others, stereotypes begin and sometimes inaccurate perceptions arise. Read more »

Cross-Cultural Strategy in Sales Negotiation


Image by Elizeu Santos-Neto via Flickr

The most important cross-cultural strategy in sales negotiations is the same for your domestic sales negotiations.

  • Preparation

Do not forget to prepare for your sales negotiations beforehand.

Identify Sales Basics

Can you set the parameters: Read more »