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Communication Coaching – Types of Communication Coaching Workshops

Here are the basic types of workshops that are being offered by communication coaches:

1. Communication workshops. These are usually designed for work teams, business partners, families, community groups, and couples. The aim of these workshops is not only to help people improve their communication skills but also to enhance their leadership abilities, identify their strengths and weaknesses, identify how to respond to people and tasks, better interact with other people who have different cultural background, recognize pressure and stress (and know how to combat them) and increase success in the school or on the job.

2. Relationship communication workshops. These workshops are Read more »

How Poor Communication Will Scupper Your Chances of Success

How is it possible to go from a leader in your field to an unemployable laughing stock in the space of one job?

Four years ago, Fabio Capello was rightly seen as one of Europe’s top managers – the best in his niche on the whole continent. And now he’s a joke.

Why? Because of communication.

It doesn’t matter how good you are in your field – if you can’t communicate with your clients, you’re in big trouble. So pull up a seat, grab your Italian phrasebook and prepare to take a lesson in communications from the former England Manager.

Lessons You Should Learn from Fabio Capello

Strangely, it’s not Capello’s successes you need to learn from. It’s his mistakes Read more »