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People Learn Culture, Rules, Through Communication

Most of our waking hours are spent sharing thoughts, message or information with others. When we communicate, we are experiencing one of the most critical aspects of our lives.

With increased domestic diversity and globalization of the marketplace, we are experiencing a growing need to communicate more effectively at work and in our communities, as we try to better understand people representing cultures much different from our own.

To understand the basics of communication, we need to recognize that communication or how we share with others our thoughts and feelings, and culture are tightly interwoven. Read more »

Effective Communication – Multiple Channels of Communication

As if face-to-face miscommunication were not enough of a challenge, dealing with multiple channels of communication can compound the issue of clear message transmission. One of the most frustrating aspects of communicating to multiple audiences (e.g. customers, business partners, and senior managers) is the redundancy and repetition intrinsic to the process of repeating the same message, over and over, to different stakeholders.

One of the best ways to handle the need to repeat a message across multiple channels is to identify an “elevator pitch” version of your message. The idea is that Read more »