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Welcome to Cross Cultural Strategies.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

Cross cultural experiences permeate my life, my work, my experiences, and my training. I love, appreciate and value varying cultural differences. Teaching intercultural business communications has taught me that my attitudes and experiences are far beyond the norm in business today and provide needed insights.

In speaking to people in person and across the web, I have found that my perspectives on cultural differences and how they impact business is a topic of great importance to people and businesses today, one they need and desire to learn. And so, Cross Cultural Strategies was born as a learning venue for those seeking insights into doing business interculturally.

My entire life has been one of learning to deal with new areas and new cultures. I have moved 33 times and landed in 22 different locations, including Turkey and Guam with visits to other foreign countries along the way. Twenty years in the richly multicultural environments of Guam and Hawaii served only to increase my interest and love of cultural variations.

I have had a fascinating life full of cultural experiences, learning and growing as I went. Having experienced and adapted to so many cultures, I have a passion for helping people understand the value of each culture they encounter as each holds special treasures that are only revealed when one gets to know the people, their lives and their values.

Along the way I served as editor of The Arongorong, Guam’s first Micronesian language publication. The Arongorong literally means The Newsletter in the Carolinian language. Each month’s edition was filled with articles in the various languages of Micronesia with the only English being my personal editor’s message explaining the content of the various articles. Being located on Guam, a primary focus was promotion of the Chamorro language. Chamorro is the language of the indigenious people of Guam. Each month I created a Chamorro to English crossword puzzle. These puzzles were adopted by the Chamorro Language Commission as a teaching tool.

Later I served as editor of Directions Magazine, the region’s largest business publication. Business in Guam is strongly intercultural due to the many cultures represented there. A survey done at the private school my children attended while we were there revealed that the average classroom represented 46 different nationalities. This mixed cultural heritage is mirrored in the business culture of the area.

Entrepreneurship and teaching are at my core. I have 20+ years of experience as a business development and communications consultant and nearly as many as an educator. I currently teach business communications courses for the University of Phoenix Online. My favorite course is “Communication Variety: The Spice of Life”, a course in international business communications. Teaching this course provides an outlet for my intercultural experiences.

As for educational qualifications, I hold a Masters degree in Business Communications and a Bachelor degree in Business/Management.

As you can see, I have lived, learned and now teach about the value and importance of the many cultures around the world. Intercultural business communications is my passion so providing Cross Cultural Strategies online is a logical progression in my business life.

I hope this site adds value to both your business and personal life. Learning to accept and embrace the various cultures in your community holds the potential for powerful personal and professional growth in your life.

If you have a cross cultural business topic you’d like to know more about, just post it as a comment below.

Onward we go, learning, living and embracing the cultures around us.